At Poli Led it is our tradition to sell the highest quality, most trusted and reliable products of lighting and accessories.

We branch from the main Poli Signs operation with over a decade of experience, since 2001, selling advertisement products such as LED boards, flying banners, rotating displays, and much more. Our knowledge in the advertising industry has widely expanded and allowed us to venture into the new and in-fashion LED lighting. With this in mind, we are here on a mission to provide you with the finest LED products and promise great reliability and perfection in every product that goes out of our doors.

If you're shopping with us, shop with confidence.

Regularly Refreshed
We work diligently every day to bring the most complete and newest LED lighting innovation to our store. If you don't find any items you like and have a new idea for a product that will fit your needs, don't hesitate to let us know. There is a good chance we can help!
Quality You Can Trust
We carefully pick and choose current and new products that are of the highest quality and we stand by our products 100% of the way. After all, our intentions are for customers to leave satisfied and problem-free after every single purchase!
Customer Service
Customer service calls and walk-ins are available during all business hours. Our customer base is very important to us! There have been countless times we've done in-depth product walkthroughs and custom made manuals for customers to easily tackle any problems and learn!