About Us


LED Tube Light Retrofit in A Parking Garage

Older lighting technology is extremely inefficient at lighting the modern world.

We come in and change that.

A correctly illuminated workplace leads to great things. It is scientifically proven to increase productivity, safety, visibility, health, and well-being. With LED lighting technology, good illumination is now extremely affordable and essentially "free" for retrofit projects . Our average client recovers the entire project cost in as little as 2 years with the help of our lighting engineers. We're here to help you achieve your lighting goals using tools of the future.

Client Problems

  1. Excessive maintenance costs
  2. Improve building aesthetics
  3. Improve employee productivity
  4. Improve safety and security
  5. Lights are not bright enough
  6. Massive monthly energy bill
  7. New constructions
  8. Retrofit projects

Our Solutions

  1. Certified LEDs at wholesale pricing
  2. Free lighting consultations
  3. Our engineers will design your lighting plan
  4. Our installers will implement your lighting
  5. Reduce energy bill by up to 70%
  6. Create a beautiful atmosphere that increases safety, productivity, and aesthetics

Our Services

LED Wholesalers

Our warehouse facilities stock thousands of models of led lighting fixtures and accessories. We carry everything from indoor to outdoor for any project size.

LED Wholesalers In Miami

Free Lighting Consultations

Our lighting engineers will create a lighting plan based on your needs. Whether that be cost-savings driven, security, increase employee productivity, or just to pass city code.

Engineers discussing an led lighting solution

Lighting Design & 3D Photometric Plan

Our lighting engineers brings your project into our 3D software and show you exactly how it looks before installation. Our photometric plans allow you to see how much footcandles each area receives.

photometric plans of a warehouse wall partition

Lighting Installation

Our licensed contractors will implement your finished lighting design. We have partnered up with local contractors everywhere to offer our clients the absolute best price for their project.

A completed project of Aloft Hotel in Doral

LED Channel Letter Signs

A beautiful sign shows your client you put pride in your work and is a display of market domination. We produce high quality channel letters that are rust, tarnish, and scratch resistant. Our manufacturing process uses the highest quality materials such as 316 stainless steel and UL listed modules.

Letter Signage manufactured for Coach with back lit warm white coloring