Your RGB LED Lights can now be controlled with the touch of a button. Our LED Remote Controllers can allow you to change from millions of color combinations and different lighting modes. If you would like to change the color of your RGB capable LED light, you can! If you would like to dim your dimmable LED light, you can!

There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to color choices. A lot of our controllers are also touch controlled. Many actually replace the light switch and allows for different options on a single touch panel which include color, dimming, and different lighting effects. It's like a smartphone in your room specifically for your lights! Pretty incredible don't you think?

Most people place the touchpad where their light switch used to be. However, some creative ideas would be placing several around the room to control the light from anywhere. You can also insert them into your dinner table, your kitchen countertops, by the couch if you're a big movie fan, and anywhere else you find convenient (as long as you can hide the wires). You are not limited to only using it at the room entrance.

The remote control LED controllers are even easier to install and play with. They can be installed on the ceiling, inside of the ceiling, inside of walls, behind objects, or just somewhere that you'd prefer to point your remote at. Through the power of radio waves, you simply have to point your remote at the controller box, similar to your television and change it to the color that you want. It's as easy as that.

You can velcro your remote control to the couch, or kitchen, or entrance. Some Remote controls don't even need to be pointed at the control box because they operate off of wifi or Bluetooth. Wifi or Bluetooth Controllers are the coolest of the bunch. With your smartphones, you can download the app that the controller tells you to and control the lights right from your phone, tablet, or smart gadget. As long as you are connected to the controller, which you should be because Bluetooth and wifi range probably extends past your whole house, then changing the lights should be as fast as snapping your fingers.