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  • Aluminum Casings allow you to position your LED Strip Lights as well as protect them from rain, footsteps, and other sources of damage
  • Designed for use with Naked LED Strip Lights. Do not use silicone strip lights.
  • 1 acrylic cover included per casing. Extras can be bought.
  • Waterproofing Tip: after installing your aluminum casing in an outdoor area, make sure to seal up the edges with silicone before installing the acrylic covers for added protection and increased resistance to water. 
  • Heat Dissipation Limit: <15 watts per meter. 
  • Please make sure your strip is compatible with the casing by looking at our dimension pictures
  • Please note: this is a very long object. Shipping will be expensive for you and we'd prefer you to come in and pick it up at our warehouse locations. You could also request a courier to stop by and pick it up for you.

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