LED panel lights are great for indoor environments that need to light large spaces over a long period of time. Panel lights are commonly used in stores, offices, and even some warehouses. Our LED panel lights come in various sizes, they range from the shortness  LED panel light-1’ x 1’ to the longest LED panel light- 2x4.

Poli LED offers a number of panel lights in different sizes designed to light most modern spaces. Some of the most popular and commonly used LED panel lights include the following products:

Many companies and businesses are installing LED panel lights in their offices and stores in order to reduce energy costs and increase sustainability and efficiency. A single panel light can also evenly distribute a streamlined ray of light without any light disruptions, flickering, or hot spots. This ensures maximum light quality and efficiency.

One of the biggest complaints about LED lights is the blue-ish tint emitted from these lights. This is one reason why Poli LED offers LED panel lights that are designed to emit a white light from each panel. A white light is easier on the eyes and also ensures maximum comfort in any working environment.

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