2019 Updated Color Temperature Chart [Guide]

Color Temperature Chart with Kelvin Scale

How To Improve Your Life Using The LED Color Temperature Chart

The color temperature chart can change the way you view your surroundings. The correlated color temperature (CCT) displayed within the room allow your eyes to see in different spectrums of color. It affects work efficiency, attention to detail, mood, well-being, and other performance or health factors depending on the white balance in the room. LED color temperature is important to understand in order to create efficient living and work spaces which promote high productivity. It is easy to overlook the importance of the light color temperature when installing led lights. However, it is just as important as the total lumen output, fixture wattage, and other key points in lighting. See how different color temperatures can affect working efficiency within an office setting below.

Warm White Daylight Cool White Color Temperature Comparison

You can clearly see that the change in color temperature drastically changes the mood and work environment. There are optimal light temperatures for each space within a house or office to increase comfort and productivity. However, we first need to understand Kelvins.

What is a Kelvin Unit in Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)?

A Kelvin is an SI base unit used to measure the color temperature of the led light bulb or fixture. The lower the kelvin unit, the more warm white (amber or yellowish in color) the led light bulb will look. The higher the kelvin unit, the more cool white (pure white) the led light bulb will seem.

LED Color Temperature Chart Explained

Uses for Warm White Lighting (2000K-4000K)

The Warm White color temperature provides a feeling of home, relaxation, warmth, calm, coziness, and comfort. An added benefit is that it does not disrupt your circadian rhythm sleep pattern. It is the ideal color for outdoor street lights or in your bedroom as night lights. The warm colors are widely used in modern interior design to reduce the effects of the cool, sharp, and jagged lines of this design style. Use warm white lighting to make the building feel more approachable.

This color temperature is mainly used in home interiors, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, decorative lighting, ambient lighting, exterior lighting, and modern interiors.

Warm White Living Room Color Temperature

Uses for Daylight White Lighting (4000K-5500K)

The daylight color temperature provides a feeling of energy, alertness, readiness, activity, productivity, efficiency, and happiness. This kelvin range is designed to mimic actual sunlight or natural white as if we were standing outside. According to scientific research done by Dr. Mayara MA Silva, a room full of daylight white lighting scientifically gives our human brain a boost of energy. Humans do all their work during the day and rest at night. We finally have proof that even inside of buildings with artificial lighting, the same effect takes place.

This color temperature is used in kitchens, offices, work spaces, living rooms, lobbies, gyms, and active work and living areas.

Daylight White Game Room Color Temperature

Uses for Cool White Lighting (5500K-9000K)

The cool white color temperature is for high-performance task lighting. It provides focus, alertness, attention to detail, and absolute zero tolerance in our vision’s color rendering index (CRI). This kelvin range gives us absolute control of our surroundings allowing us to perform at the highest level. However, this type of white light produces a blue hue which is deemed unhealthy over long periods of time. The light will disturb your circadian rhythm and too much of it directly before sleeping is not recommended. Regardless of its’ unhealthy effects, there is absolutely no better lighting for crucial tasks that require maximum focus. A cooler hu1e also displays jewelry with more shine. It penetrates light box fabric more deeply giving the overlaying print more vibrant colors that other color temperatures cannot provide. For exteriors, it has extremely high color rendering index attributes allowing you to identify objects at night.

This color temperature is used in security lighting, light box modules, jewelry lighting, showcase lighting, retail lighting, task lighting, and hospitals.

Cool White Work Space Color Temperature

So, What Is LED Color Temperature? (Recap)

The next time you enter into any workspace, take notice of the color temperature the business has chosen. This will give you insight as to what type of mood the owner is trying to set within this environment. The next time you are creating a new work or living environment, be sure to implement our color temperature chart into your design.

You can always call our certified lighting experts to answer all your questions. We can help you implement led lighting into your space from design to installation.