LED flood lights are a popular lighting solution that is used for a wide range of options. Used mainly as motion sensor lights, they can be found in many homes, properties, and businesses.

Floodlights are popular because they are instantly bright, can easily mount to a wall, ceiling or even planted into the ground. They are also waterproof and fully protected from harsh climates and weather elements, including heavy rain and snow.

LED flood lights can be used for the following purposes:

The options are truly endless.

LED flood lights also come with various features, including:

The lights can be placed on the ground or wired into a wall with a standard light switch. Some flood light systems also come equipped with a remote control. There are also rechargeable ones that come with a charger. Rechargeable LED flood lights typically run for approximately eight hours at a time, making them the perfect solution for construction lighting, industrial lighting or even desk lighting. Once you are done using them, you can simply plug them into the charger and they will be fully charged for the next day! Many homes and businesses use flood lights simply because they are bright, easy to use, cost-effective, energy efficient and can be mounted or placed just about anywhere where lighting is needed. Contact us to learn more about our LED flood lights, accessories, and products!