Free Lighting ROI Analysis

Our expert team of lighting specialists can visit your job site and provide vital information using our proprietary ROI (return on investment) calculator tool. This is a free service we offer to property owners to allow a better understanding of the true savings LED can offer. LED retrofits and installations can take as little as 1.5 years to fully pay back the cost of installation. Compared to older lighting techonology, LED lighting can save you up to 80% of your monthly electrical bill. Replacing fluorescent, metal halide, and high pressure sodium lighting systems is the obvious cost-saving solution no matter what size business you are and we can prove it. We list our procedure below.

Pre Requisites (For Retrofits)

• Discover the quantity of fixtures, lighting technology, wattage, cost, and installation cost of existing lighting system

• Discover the ideal LED lighting system replacement

Pre Requisites

• Discover days of the week light is on

• Discover hours per day light is on

• Discover existing rebates from your local energy provider to save you as much money as we can


• How much money you save anually from energy costs

• How much money you save anually from maintenance costs

• In how many years will the installation become ROI positive (the LED system pays off the cost of the entire installation)

• What is the return on investment annual savings in %

• Total savings based on X years

• Reduction of CO2 emissions based on X years




Our lighting specialist arrives at your location.


We discover your expectations and develop a lighting plan based on your needs.


Our lighting specialist discovers all pre-requisite data.


Our lighting specialist outputs a completed calculation and shows you a full ROI analysis.


Review quotation of LED lighting system and accept.


Our lighting engineers will work with your architect or engineer to formulate a photometric plan of your project.


Our contractors or your contractors install the new system according to specifications.


Experience a buzz, hum, and flicker-free lighting solution with up to 80% in energy savings.