Custom LED Channel Letter Signage

LED channel letter signage is the ultimate indication of a company who puts pride in their work, a manifestation of company culture that puts quality first, and an exhibition of market domination.

Let people know your identity with custom manufactured LED channel letter signage built by us. Our experience in this field offers an unmatched level of quality and service. Every detail, from top to bottom, we custom manufacture for you with absolutely no tolerances. Our goal is to increase your market positioning by offering your business a professional image in the corporate world and produce a positive ROI by attracting customers with your sign investment.

High Quality Production:
Poli LED & Signs has been in the signage industry for over 17 years, we have built the proper book of business to support our production of the highest quality led channel letter signage. We source the highest quality 304, 316 Stainless Steel, and raw materials. Our optional lighting modules are UL Listed. We have many satisfied customers that have worked with us. Simply look at our ordering sheet to see several examples. Our quality control procedures make sure each letter comes perfect with no dents or flaws. Our warranty period provides a guarantee in your satisfaction.

Hundreds of Styles:
We have hundreds of signage materials that we use to produce your letter signage such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, and acrylic. We have options of full stainless steel, acrylic back-lit, acrylic front-lit, epoxy resin front-lit, and perforated stainless steel letters. All the letter heights and thickness are adjustable. Even the height of the acrylic. Then, we have finishes such as brushed or mirror polished. Color is also a really important option and that is why we offer custom color codes for painting the metal of the letter. Lighting color is also selected. There are hundreds of ways to produce your LED or Non-LED Channel Letter Signage.

Ordering Process:
Call 305.468.8986 or email [email protected] to contact our sales team and begin a quote. Most file types and even font styles can be manufactured in our facilitiesAfter order design and confirmation, lead times for manufacturing take 2~3 weeks. We’ll send you images of your sign while testing in our quality control procedures. Installation time is varied depending on project.

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