Lighting Design & Photometric

Our lighting engineers can create photometric plans, 3D modelings, and give lighting design ideas that aid in your installation of new LED lighting fixtures. Their experience with lighting products on a day-to-day basis allow us to achieve any lighting effect you request by introducing you to new or existing product lines we carry.

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Lighting Design

Our lighting engineers take your ideas and combine it with their experience in the lighting industry to make it come to life.

Photometric Plan

A detailed photmetric plan shows illuminance levels throughout the entire floor plan. Technical details such as fixture quantity, placement, lux, wattage, efficacy, and calculation zone illuminances will be displayed.

Photometric 3D Modeling

See your finished project modeled in a 3D environment without undertaking the costs of a project. You will be able to see how your lighting fixtures interact with the environment. You are allowed to move in this environment as if we were walking through.