LED lights require a different power supply than other types of traditional lights. They use an LED power supply unit to operate efficiently and safely. A power supply unit can come in different models and electrical components depending on the type of LED lights used.  Poli LED offers a number of power supplies for just about every type of LED available today.

Some of the most popular and commonly used power supply units include the following products:

  • Wall outlet power supply 

  • Outdoor power supply 

  • Laptop power supply 

  • Indoor power supply 

Most units operate between 100 to 250 watts and are designed to reduce heat, power, and wattage for years. Outdoor power supply units are also sealed with silicone, protecting them from water and other weather elements. Laptop power supplies are also small and compact, perfect for laptops, mobile signs or small LED lights that do not require much power.

Many of our products, power supplies, and components are UL certified. UL Certification adds an additional layer of safety and protection. As a result, customers can rest assured knowing that their LED lighting power supply and equipment meet all safety standards and requirements.

Customers are also encouraged to purchase a power supply unit that runs under the suggested wattage. If you want to learn more about our LED power supplies and accessories, contact us by completing our web form, or by calling our customer service team today.