LED strip lights are used for under cabinet lighting, ambient lighting, general purpose lighting, shelf lighting, work desk lighting, kitchen lighting, cove lighting, and much more. Its unique bendable properties and structure allow it to be placed almost anywhere and be hidden just as easily to provide a bright coating of light. LED light ropes and strings are rugged and can last upwards of 20 years if properly cooled. If you're looking for a way to brighten your home, office, or business strip lights are extremely versatile and best serves as accent lighting. Call us at 305.384.7550 and a lighting specialist will help you select the right product.

Different Chip Sizes for Different Brightness Levels

There are different brightness levels with different chip sizes such as the 5050 SMD which has a 5mm x 5mm chip size. This chip is the most powerful and is best used for LED cove lighting, kitchen and task lighting inside led channel letters, and other high lighting applications. 2835 SMD and 3528 SMD are a second popular choice which is less bright. They are suitable for ambient lightings such as ambient behind-the-tv lighting, cabinet lighting, accent lighting, and more.

Waterproof Options for LED Strip Lighting

At Poli LED we carry a variety of indoor and outdoor waterproof sealed led strip lights. Our most popular outdoor IP 67 rated option is the 5050 Outdoor LED Strip Light, this option comes with a silicone-sealed casing that deflects water sprays from all directions and can last upwards of 15+ years in areas of direct rain. Any of our strip and tape lights stating LED outdoor waterproof are ensured to have the maximum protection against water and dust with IP65, IP66, and IP67 Ingress Ratings. For a closer look at the different levels of Ingress Protection, you can take a look at the IP rating chart.

RGB Options for LED Strip Lighting

RGB LED Strip Lights has become the easiest way to get color changing lights in your home or commercial area. RGB led colors can be achieved with the help of a separate LED RGB Controller connected to an RGB LED Strip/Tape Light. Before purchasing an RGB Controller you should pick out how you would like to control your new color changing strip lights.

Pre-Paired Remote Controllers

The touchpad remote controller will come already paired with your RGB Controller allowing for an easy plug and play. These controllers offer up to 256 different colors to 16 colors depending on which model controller you get. They also have different lighting effects which can be activated by the remote control. We carry both touchpad remote controls and button remote controls.

Pre-Paired Touchpad Wall Controllers

The wall controller allows you to swipe your finger against the touchpad to change the colors and lighting modes with ease. Dimming, on and off, and color changing is all at the swipe of your fingers. This replaces generic light switches at the entrance of the room into a modern light switch with hundreds of lighting options.

Wifi & Bluetooth Smartphone App Controllers

The Bluetooth LED lighting controller can change your room's lighting directly from an app on your smartphone with Bluetooth connected. It is extremely versatile and no separate controller is needed. The wifi RGB led lighting controller is also controlled by an app on the smartphone. You have options such as led light dimming, on/off, color changes, and However because wifi's range is a lot longer than Bluetooth you are able to set your lighting at further distances.

Onboard Controllers

The onboard led lighting controller is economical and has no wireless remote control. All led lighting options are manipulated from the onboard RGB led controller. It comes with different dimming levels, different modes, and also buttons to change the led color.

Easy installation

The LED strip lights we sell are 12V and 24V low power current. If you're looking for 110 VAC LED strips, visit our LED Flex Neon Lights category. Low voltage strips are easier and safer to install. Strip lights can be cut every 2" and rolls come in 16 feet. The installation instructions are listed below

  1. Connect AC input power to a power supply to transform 110 VAC to low voltage 12 VDC or 24 VDC

  2. Connect DC output power to LED Strip Lights. Each 5-meter strip light roll uses 72 watts. Make sure your power supply can support the amount of wattage needed. Power supplies can connect an indefinite amount of LED strip and tape lights according to how many wattages they are specified for. Visit our power supply selection.

  3. If your LED Strip Light is RGB Capable, skip step 2. Connect your DC Output Power to the RGB Controller or Dimmer. Connect your strip to the controller.

  4. Your setup should be: wall output -> power supply -> RGB Controller (if RGB capable) -> LED Strip Light.

Take a look at this cool article we have made for you and keep getting ideas about how to use you LED STRIP LIGHTS.