LED Track Lights is one of our favorite products. They are perfect for commercial spaces, art galleries, and museums. However, you can also use them in your living room to properly display a special artwork with a soft, ambient glow. You can also create a space with family pictures, bookcases, diplomas or vacations pictures and highlight it with this amazing fixtures.

Benefits of LED Track Lights:

  • Energy efficient, you will save up to 85% on energy costs, a major difference, when compared to filament or halogen lamps.

  • Incredibly long lifespan: Up to 50,000+ Guaranteed LED lifetime hours.

  • High CRI (Color Rendering Index). This number measures the ability of the light source to reveal the real colors. Our LED Track Lights has CRI>80.

  • Power Factor (PF). Here at PoliLED, we have the perfect outdoor lighting with a power factor higher than 90 (PF>90). As a result, you will have a super efficient light that only wastes 10% or less of power on the heat.

  • RoHS compliance. Forget about mercury, lead or poisonous gases if the light gets damaged. Our LED Track Lights are RoHS approved.

  • Less attractive to nocturnal insects. LED’s produce from minimum to zero amount of UV. As a consequence, our product is not attractive to nocturnal insects.

  • Eco-friendly products. We care about our environment, and we know you too. Use LED Lights and reduce CO2 emissions for a greener, more sustainable environment. 


These lights are perfect for indoor areas. Highly recommend for art galleries, stores, and museums. Click here to see our great article about LED Lighting & Art.

Best quality products just for you:

  • Years of warranty. All of our LED Track Lights have a 1-year limited warranty.

  • CE approved. The CE marking certifies that a product has met EU consumer safety, health or environmental requirements.