LED street lights are not only attractive, but they have also proven to be safer and more cost-effective than traditional street lights with standard incandescent bulbs. Because of the long-term investment in safety and efficiency, many cities are investing in LED street lights in the various city and public spaces throughout the nation. 

LED lighting used in a public space can include the following: 


As more and more cities and townships invest in LED street lights and LED parking lights, the more benefits of LED lighting are realized.

LED lighting has proven to provide cities and public spaces with the following benefits:

  • Decreased costs.  LED lighting has proven to reduce maintenance and operation costs by up to 50 percent.  Increased efficiency:  Installing transparent LED lighting ensures an efficient workflow and improved lighting performance across the board.
  • Increased sustainability. By increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs, cities all over the nation are becoming more sustainable. 
  • Increased security and safety. Because LED lighting is brighter and lasts longer than traditional incandescent lights, management can increase the security and safety of residents and visitors in any city or public space, such as parking lots, public pathways, roadways, walkways, and even public parks. 

In an effort to cut costs, increase sustainability and efficiency, and “go green”, many cities and municipalities are investing in converting street lights and parking lights into LED. This is why many town and city departments have reached out to Poli LED for help in selecting the best lighting equipment and investing in the best City LED lights and public lighting for their towns and public spaces. 

If you want to learn more about our LED street lights, or how LED lighting can improve any city or public space, contact us today.