LED lighting is an optimum choice for bathroom lights and living room lighting or virtually any room at home. Utilizing it is the perfect way to accentuate the beautiful features and interior of your home. Not to mention the fact that they use a fraction of the energy of an incandescent light bulb. Not only are they extremely energy efficient, but they also have a long lifespan that makes them, even more, cost-efficient. If you are looking to change the look and feel of certain rooms, we can certainly help you achieve that. Your home interior should always be bright and active to promote well-being, let us help you find the ideal fixtures for your home.

Some of the most common types of LED lighting include the following:

  • LED Strip Lighting. If you don’t have a lot of space, then this might be the best solution for you. Being incredibly popular for its versatility, it can fit into small or tight spaces yet still provide ambient, bright light wherever you need. LED bathroom lights closets and under-cabinet lighting in kitchens, or under-cabinet desk lighting in a home office commonly use this type of light. It also comes equipped with a remote control to change colors and brightness levels. Remote controls can be mounted on the wall to resemble a standard light switch.

  • LED Recessed Ceiling Lights. They are the most popular LED interior lights for home. This particular style sits on the ceiling, creating a seamless and smooth flow of light in any room. They are commonly used for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. A variety of options are available that range from simple and sleek to more complex, elegant designs that suit any modern home. The LED lights can be controlled by a switch, giving users full control of how bright or dim they appear.

LED light looks great in the following areas at home:


RGB LED Strip with Controller

For starters, LED Strip Lights is a very versatile form of LED lighting. It can fit into places most lights cannot and shine ambient or bright depending on what you want the light for. Remote controls allow the light to change to hundreds of different colors. Touchpad controllers can also be embedded into the walls to act similar to a light switch with the added capability of changing colors, dimming, and different lighting effects.



LED Recessed Ceiling Concave Light

One of the most popular options in homes is LED Recessed Ceiling Lights. Recessed ceiling lights fit into the ceiling without bulging out or creating any disturbance in the flow of the room. This seamless form of lighting gives the home a very clean look and although modern, can mesh with any home style because of its simplicity. It is a form of light that seemingly appears out of nowhere creating beautiful lines and illuminating areas elegantly. There are many different styles that we offer such as basic slim options, concave, gridded, glass-edged, blue angel eyes, and much more.


  • Recessed and modern

  • Bright to dim settings 

  • LED technology has last 3 times as long as fluorescent lamps while using 3 times less electricity


RGB Under Cabinet Task Lighting

  1. Purchase an RGB capable indoor strip light (5050 LED Strip Light)

    RGB Under Cabinet LED Strip Lights

  2. Cut to your desired length and use the back adhesive to attach it to the cabinet. Make sure you cut where the dotted lines are.

  3. Wire the LED strip to a 110VAC to a 12VDC power supply using our (LED Strip Light Connectors). (100 Watt Indoor Power Supply fit for up to 6 meters). Note: On average, a 5-meter strip will use 72 watts so calculate your 
    watt usage correctly.

  4. Then wire an RGB Controller (Button Remote or Touchpad Remote) to the 12VDC power supply between the 110VAC plug and the controller itself.

  5. Congratulations! You've completed your RGB Under Cabinet LED Task Lighting. Note: If you would like to turn the strip on along with your general purpose room lights, wire the AC cord to your room's power source. Please contact an electrical contractor to do the job if you are a novice. Electricity can be dangerous if inexperienced