LED Flood Lights are the most versatile outdoor LED option for your lighting design. They are considered the next generation of universal LED lighting because of their ability to mount just about anywhere with waterproofing capabilities and sturdiness to be able to last in extreme conditions for a long period of time.

All of our options have a Color Rendering Index (CRI) higher than 80%, as a result, the colors will look more vivid under these lights. They also have a Power Factor (PF) of 90%, which means you will have a super efficient light that only wastes 10% of power on heat.

Some of the properties of LED Floodlights:

  • Waterproof. All the options we have for you are IP65 rated, which means they are protected against dust and water spray from all directions.

  • Environmental friendly. Floodlights are part of the green generation leading-edge technology. In these products, you will find all the environmental benefits of our LED products.

  • Excellent quality that resists all type of weather, shock, and vibration. They are also suitable for use in marine, boating, and harsh environments.

  • Safety comes first that is why our LED Flood Lights are highly efficient, with strong lumens count for added security (120 Lm per watt). They have multiple watt options to be able to pick the perfect amount of lighting that you need. You get to choose if you want a Day White (5000K) LED Color perfect for commercial lighting or if you prefer a Cool White (6000K) LED Color recommended for security and garage lighting. We also have RGB options for you. 
    All these LED Color options will make your space look beautiful during nighttime, serving as an amazing alternative if you want to replace your conventional filament style fixtures. Check our Flood Light Catalog to find the perfect option for you.

  • Variety of designs and features. we have them with the gray, white and black case, day/night sensor, motion sensor and RGB options. It depends on what you need for your space.

  • Easy to install. LED Floodlights have a universal U bracket mount behind the light that allows it to have a wide mounting option. Some LED Floodlights also come with junction box direct mounts for an even easier installation.

  • Maintenance free. No bulbs required and its high-efficiency will save you money long-term on your electric bill. Since the very first moment you install it you will see the improvements this technology has for you while you take care of the environment.

  • Minimal UV output. UV radiation from light sources has been known to attract insects of all kinds. LED’s emissions are so minimal that they do not hold the same level of command over bugs.

Where can they be used?

These lights are perfect for Outdoor use as home security lights, garage flood light or any type of exterior surveillance lights. You can find them in multiple locations across the city such as parking lots, gardens, warehouses and home exteriors.

Choose your perfect Flood Light Lamp

As the premier retailer and wholesaler of LED Lighting in Miami, we have curated the best selection of LED Floodlights for you.

  • ETL CertifiedThey are part of our premium LED family. It’s ETL Certification means you can use it in commercial building projects with no worries. You also have Day/Night sensor option available. They have a 75,000+ Guaranteed LED Lifetime Hours and 5 years of limited warranty.

  • Single Color: in this category, you can find the Floodlights with Day Light White LED Color or Cool White LED Color. Plus, one of the options is a motion sensor flood light, that will only turn on when it senses movement. This feature is perfect for security home lighting. They have a 50,000+ Guaranteed LED Lifetime Hours and 1 year of limited warranty.

  • RGB Remote Controlled: this category brings together the floodlight with 16 color options and four different effects of lighting design. They have a 50,000+ Guaranteed LED Lifetime Hours and 1 year of limited warranty.