POLI LED Lights   

LED lights can easily transform the look and feel of any home, landscape, or business. Apart from being safe, reliable, and efficient, they can also accentuate certain features of a space.

With over a decade of experience, Poli LED has sold advertisement products ranging from LED boards and banners to rotating displays and much more. With their vast knowledge and experience in the advertising industry, the Poli LED team naturally ventured into this new lighting trend.

Poli LED is your one-stop shop light for all your lighting needs. We specialize in outdoor and indoor LED lighting and sell to consumers and wholesale shoppers.

We specialize in  lighting projects for the following:

  • Home interior and exterior

  • Commercial and storefront properties and locations

  • Industrial

  • Landscaping

  • City and public space

Our LED light store sells products for customers and wholesale shoppers! Some of our best-selling products include:

  • LED street lights

  • LED track lights

  • LED flood lights

  • LED recessed lights

  • LED L8 tubes

  • LED panel lights and much more!


Whether you are looking to revamp the lighting at home or install LED shop lights for your business, we are the right LED light company for you!

Learn more about our projects, our products, or how we can help you with your lighting needs by contacting us today.

We guarantee we will light up your life!


Your LED Lighting needs all in one place

Located in Miami, FL. We house an inventory of LED Lighting in a warehouse of 40,000 square feet. We create the best B2B LED Lighting experience for all of our customers and have established our name doing so in Miami since 2001.

Our inventory is so large that our prices cannot be beat. We used to serve business owners & contractors exclusively but now that the lighting market has expanded to end users as well, we decided it is time to step foot into the market and show some face! We hope you enjoy our large collection of the latest and greatest on everything LED Lighting.


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